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Battery Operated. 350 LB. Lifetime Warranty. $4,995 Installed. $375 S&H. DIY Install Saves You.

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Battery Operated. 350 LB. 5 Year Warranty. $6,995 Installed. $375 S&H. DIY Install Saves You.

Rediscover Independence

Experience the freedom, convenience, and self-sufficiency a home stair lift offers.

Unveiling the Hidden Perks: Top 8 Benefits of Home Stair Lifts


As we age, our mobility can be compromised. Stairs that once seemed trivial become daunting challenges, potentially threatening our independence. Yet, in such situations, a simple solution exists, often overlooked: the home stair lift. Beyond the evident advantage of conquering stairs effortlessly, these devices offer several other unexpected benefits. This article will reveal the top 8 hidden benefits of home stair lifts that most people don’t consider.

Offering a Cost-Effective Alternative to Elevators
Finally, home stair lifts present a more affordable alternative to downsizing or moving to a single-level home. These devices are an investment that can save substantial money in the long term, not to mention the emotional strain of leaving a beloved home.

Promoting Independence
For seniors and individuals with mobility limitations, stair lifts can be a liberating tool. With a stair lift, there is no need to rely on caregivers or family members to navigate different levels of your home. These devices empower individuals to maintain their daily routines independently and to enjoy the full range of their home’s amenities.

Boosting Confidence
By eliminating the fear of falls or mishaps on the stairs, stair lifts can greatly boost the confidence of users. No more anxiety over possible accidents – just press a button, and glide safely and smoothly to your destination.

Reducing Risk of Injury
Stair-related accidents are a significant cause of injury, especially among older adults. By offering a secure, stable ride up and down the stairs, stair lifts can dramatically reduce this risk, thus promoting overall health and safety.

Enabling Quick Recovery
For individuals recovering from surgery or an injury, navigating stairs can be not only challenging but harmful, potentially leading to re-injury. A stair lift can aid in the recovery process by ensuring safe and comfortable access to all parts of the home.

Conserving Energy
For those with limited mobility, the physical effort of climbing stairs can be exhausting. Stair lifts help conserve energy for more enjoyable activities, allowing users to save their strength for pursuits that truly matter to them.

Offering a Comfortable Solution
Stair lifts are designed with comfort in mind. With cushioned seats, adjustable heights, and smooth ride mechanics, these devices ensure a comfortable journey every time. In addition, modern stair lifts can be folded up when not in use, ensuring they don’t interfere with the stairway’s regular use.

Increasing Home Value
Believe it or not, a stair lift can add value to your home. As populations age, houses that accommodate mobility needs are in increasing demand. A home equipped with a stair lift may be more appealing to a wide range of potential buyers, including seniors or people with physical disabilities.

Affordable Options

We provide economical solutions. Our pricing is transparent with a 60-day price guarantee. Options include professionally installed or DIY, making safety and independence achievable without compromising on budget.

Made in the USA

We proudly provide one of the few entirely USA-made Shaftless Residential Home Elevators. Each component, including American steel, is sourced domestically and the elevators are built by American workers in Missouri.



Experience Matters

Leveraging more than 30 years of experience, our knowledge and expertise in elevator technology assures exceptional service. This is crucial in providing dependable, safe solutions that you can confidently rely on.



Rediscover Independence

Experience the freedom, convenience, and self-sufficiency a home stair lift offers.

Must-Know Facts: Essential Knowledge for Your Stair Lift Journey

Arm yourself with important information and considerations as you explore the potential of stair lifts for your home.

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What is a stair lift?

A stair lift is a mechanical device installed on staircases to transport individuals who have difficulty navigating stairs due to mobility issues, illness, or age. It typically includes a rail system, a chair, or a platform.

How much does a stair lift cost?

Stair lift prices can vary greatly depending on the specific model, customizations, and whether your staircase is straight or curved. Prices can range from around $2,000 to over $10,000, including installation.

Is a stair lift covered by insurance or Medicare?

While insurance policies and Medicare plans vary, stair lifts are typically considered home modifications rather than medical equipment, and may not be covered. However, there may be other local or state programs that offer financial assistance.

Are stair lifts safe to use?

Yes, modern stair lifts are equipped with numerous safety features including seatbelts, obstruction sensors, swivel seats, and safety controls. They are designed to be safe for all users.

Can a stair lift be installed in any home?

Most staircases can accommodate a stair lift, whether they are straight, curved, or have multiple landings. Installation depends on the width of the staircase, the angle of the stairs, and other architectural factors.

Do stair lifts require a lot of maintenance?

Generally, stair lifts require minimal maintenance. It’s recommended to have them serviced annually by a professional to ensure optimal performance and longevity.

How is a stair lift powered?

Most stair lifts are powered by either AC (alternating current) from your home’s electricity or DC (direct current) from rechargeable batteries. Battery-powered models can still function during power outages.

Can a stair lift accommodate a wheelchair?

Standard stair lifts are designed for people who can transition from a wheelchair to the stair lift seat. However, some models, known as platform lifts, can accommodate a user while they remain in their wheelchair.

What happens if the power goes out?

Battery-operated stair lifts will continue to operate during a power outage. AC-powered models may have backup batteries for this scenario, but if not, they will stop functioning until power is restored.

How long does it take to install a stair lift?

The installation time depends on the complexity of the staircase, but typically, a straight stair lift can be installed in a few hours, while a custom curved lift might take longer.

Rediscover Independence

Experience the freedom, convenience, and self-sufficiency a home stair lift offers.

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