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Residential Elevators

Home Lifts Depot saves Homeowners, and Contractors, money and time installing Residential Elevators. Your home is a refuge. It’s where you should feel the safest, at peace, free, and independent! But if climbing stairs has become difficult, our residential lifts can safely and comfortably help you navigate between floors— in style. Scroll down to the see your variety of options, or get in touch with our team of skilled advisors.

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Home Lifts Depot Makes Residential  Elevators Installation As Easy As 1, 2, 3:

Step #1: Prepare – We, or your local Contractors create the floor opening to travel through. Drawings and Specs provided.
Step #2: Install – Our Factory Certified Elevator Technicians Deliver and Install the Home Elevator.
Step #3: Service – Our Factory Certified Elevator Technicians Service the Home Elevator in the future.

    Home Lifts Depot works with Architects – Home Builders – Remodelers – Homeowners to prepare your home for Home Elevator Installation. We provide engineer drawings if somebody else is creating the opening in the floor and then our Factory Certified Installers will install the Home Elevator. Contractors do not need to upgrade to 220 power as our elevators only require 110 or batteries to operate. Contractors also do not dig a 12” pit in your foundation or build a home elevator shaft, with a shaft door, as our elevators are pit-less and shaftless and innovatively travel through the floor when only traveling two floors. Safety. Trust.

    Residential Elevator

    2 Story - No Pit – 400 LB – Shaftless Elevator

    Battery Powered. Glide In Door. USA Made. Installs in 1-2 Days. 1 Person: $27,900. 2 Person: $28,900. Turnkey Installed.

    Enclosed Wheelchair Elevator

    2 Story - No Pit – 500 LB – Shaftless Wheelchair Elevator

    110 Powered. Swing Out Door. European Made. Installs in 1-2 Days. 1 Person: $29,900. 2 Person: $30,900.Wheelchair: $32,900. Turnkey Installed.

    Platform Residential Elevator

    2 Story - No Pit – 500 LB – Enclosed Wheelchair Elevator

    Battery Powered. Glide In Door. USA Made. Installs in 1-2 Days. $29,900. Turnkey Installed.

    Residential Shaftless Elevator

    3 Story - No Pit – 400 and 500 LB - Enclosed Residential Elevator

    Add a Third Stop to ANY Battery Powered – Glide In Door – Elevator – 31’ Max: Only $4,000.

    Outdoor Residential Lift

    Vertical Platform Lifts

    750 LB – 14’ Travel Capacity – Indoor or Outdoor – Installs in 1-2 days. Many Sizes. $12,995 and Up. Turnkey Installed.

    Elevate Your Lifestyle with Residential Elevators

    Discover the ease, comfort, and independence that home elevators bring.

    Your Dream Residential Elevator Awaits

    Browse our frequently asked questions (FAQs). And when ready, get expert guidance: reach out for tailored advice on your residential elevators.

    Shaftless Elevator

    Fully Down

    Fits two people with ample space, even when a wheelchair is required.

    Shaftless Home Elevator Going Up

    Going Up

    Effortlessly ride between floors with speed and safety, making mobility a breeze.

    Shaftless Elevator Fully Up

    Fully Up

    Elegantly concealed, blended seamlessly, adding a touch of refined beauty.

    A Home Upgrade Worth Considering: The Unseen Benefits of Residential Elevators

     Enhanced Mobility: Residential elevators greatly increase mobility by offering easy access to all levels for those who find stairs challenging due to age or disability.

    Safety Assurance: They mitigate the risk of accidents associated with climbing stairs, reducing potential slip-and-fall incidents for all, especially children and the elderly.

    Space Efficiency: Residential elevators take up significantly less space compared to staircases, thereby creating more usable space in your home and enhancing its functionality.

    Increased Home Value: Elevators boost your property’s market value. They’re considered a valuable addition in the real estate market, making them a wise investment for homeowners.

    Convenience: Beyond moving people, residential elevators offer a practical solution for transporting heavy items between floors, such as luggage or large laundry loads.

    Enhances Independence: Particularly beneficial for seniors or those with mobility issues, elevators facilitate easy movement around the house without needing assistance.

    Future-proofing Your Home: As you or your loved ones age, stairs can become increasingly difficult to navigate. A residential elevator ensures your home remains accessible and comfortable, even in the later years.


    Adds Luxury: Beyond their practical benefits, residential elevators add an element of luxury and sophistication to your home, impressing guests and enhancing your living experience.

    Flexibility in Design: Today’s residential elevators come in various styles and finishes, meaning you can choose an elevator that perfectly complements your tastes and your home’s decor.

    Quiet Operation: Unlike traditional elevators, modern residential elevators operate quietly, ensuring a peaceful environment remains undisturbed in your home.

    Affordable Options

    We provide economical solutions. Our pricing is transparent with a 60-day price guarantee. Options include professionally installed or DIY, making safety and independence achievable without compromising on budget.

    Made in the USA

    We proudly provide one of the few entirely USA-made Shaftless Residential Home Elevators. Each component, including American steel, is sourced domestically and the elevators are built by American workers in Missouri.



    Experience Matters

    Leveraging more than 30 years of experience, our knowledge and expertise in elevator technology assures exceptional service. This is crucial in providing dependable, safe solutions that you can confidently rely on.



    Elevate Your Lifestyle with Residential Elevators

    Discover the ease, comfort, and independence that home elevators bring.

    Essential FAQs: Discover Crucial Insights Before Your Residential Elevator Journey Begins

    Invest a few moments in our comprehensive Q&A section – your key to understanding home elevators better.

    How much does a home elevator cost?

    The cost of a home elevator can vary depending on various factors, such as the type of elevator, size, customization options, and installation requirements. On average, a basic home elevator can start from around $15,000 to $30,000, while more elaborate and custom-designed elevators can cost significantly more. It’s essential to work with a reputable elevator provider to get an accurate quote tailored to your specific needs and home layout. Call us anytime.

    Is it possible to install a home elevator in an existing home?

    Yes, it is possible to install a home elevator in an existing home. While it may require some modifications to the home’s structure, experienced elevator professionals can adapt the installation to fit the available space and meet safety standards. An in-home evaluation by one of our qualified experts can determine the feasibility and best options for installing an elevator in your home.

    What are the space and structural requirements for a home elevator?

    The space and structural requirements for a home elevator vary depending on the type and size of the elevator. Shaftless home elevators typically require less space since they don’t need a traditional shaft. However, they still require sufficient space for the elevator cab and hoistway. Structural requirements may involve reinforcing the floors and walls to support the elevator’s weight and ensure safe operation. It is essential to consult with a professional elevator provider to assess your home’s specific requirements and ensure compliance with safety standards during the installation process.

    Can a home elevator be customized to match my home's interior design?

    Yes, a home elevator can be customized to match your home’s interior design. We offer a variety of design options for the elevator cab, including different finishes, materials, colors, and fixtures. This allows you to personalize the elevator to seamlessly blend with your home’s aesthetic, creating a cohesive and elegant look. Customization options ensure that the elevator complements your home’s style while providing a functional and stylish addition to your space.

    Are home elevators safe for children and pets?

    Yes, home elevators are designed with safety in mind and are safe for children and pets when used correctly. They come equipped with various safety features, such as door interlocks, safety sensors, emergency stop buttons, and smooth and quiet operation. However, it’s essential to follow safety guidelines and supervise children and pets while using the elevator to ensure their well-being. Additionally, educating household members about elevator safety rules can further enhance the safe use of the elevator in your home.

    What is the maintenance schedule and cost for a home elevator?

    The maintenance schedule and cost for a home elevator can vary depending on the type and model of the elevator, as well as the manufacturer’s recommendations. The cost of maintenance can also vary. We help you choose a plan that best suits your specific needs and ensures the elevator’s smooth and safe operation for years to come.

    Does a home elevator require a separate room or can it be integrated into existing living areas?

    Shaftless home elevators do not require a separate room for installation. They can easily be integrated into existing living areas with minimal structural modifications. These elevators are designed to be space-efficient and aesthetically pleasing, blending seamlessly with your home’s existing interior design. They usually require a small footprint, making them an ideal choice for homes where space is a concern. However, the exact space requirements depend on the model of the elevator. We can help you understand the specific requirements for your chosen elevator.

    How long does the installation process take?

    The installation process for a shaftless home elevator typically takes a few days, depending on the complexity of the setup and specific requirements of the home. It’s a relatively quick and straightforward process, especially when compared to traditional elevators that require more extensive construction. However, each installation is unique and timing may vary depending on factors like the layout of your home and the specific model of the elevator.

    Are there any specific regulations or permits needed for installing a home elevator?

    Yes, regulations and permits for installing a home elevator vary depending on the local codes and requirements in your area. Typically, building permits are required, and the elevator installation must meet certain safety and construction standards. Additionally, most localities require an inspection after the installation to ensure everything complies with the regulations. We help with this, too, to make the whole process easy.

    What is the difference between a 2-stop and 3-stop elevator?

    The primary difference between a 2-stop and a 3-stop elevator lies in the number of levels or floors the elevator can access within a building. A 2-stop elevator is designed to move between two floors – typically, the ground floor and the first floor. This makes it a great option for traditional two-story homes or buildings.

    On the other hand, a 3-stop elevator has the ability to serve three different levels or floors. This is ideal for buildings or homes with more than two floors, such as a house with a basement, ground floor, and first floor. In essence, the choice between a 2-stop and 3-stop elevator will largely depend on the specific requirements and layout of your home.

    Elevate Your Lifestyle with Residential Elevators

    Discover the ease, comfort, and independence that home elevators bring.

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